Designing a data-driven messaging strategy based on competitor insights

15 seconds. That’s all you get to capture the attention of website visitors. How do you use this valuable time on your website to stand out from the competition? Sure graphics are important, but bold messaging gives your product a fighting chance.

Product messaging should be the heart of your online strategy; demonstrating the unique value your company offers will win deals every time. Unfortunately, many companies spend all their time on product development and leave product messaging as an afterthought.

After spending so much time developing your product you may be tempted to focus on features. Don’t! Good product messaging is never a feature list, instead you need to show your audience that you understand their needs and can solve their unique problem by providing solid benefits. Features are not benefits. Benefits provide value, and customers buy value.

Crafting messaging that performs in your industry, doesn’t have to be a game of trial and error. Now, you can save time and find what works faster – use automated competitive analysis software, such as Kompyte, to quickly optimize your website messaging!


Track your Competition’s Product Pages & Key Sales Messaging

Identify your top competitors then introduce their key pages into the platform. Take a look at your competition’s product & solution pages, as well as, sales materials.

Pay close attention to your oldest competitors; they have had more time to discover messaging that works in your industry and tactics to communicate with customers. Understand how they present their products and learn which audience you should be targeting.


Identify Messaging Changes

It’s important to take a look at your competitor’s messaging changes to determine not only things you could test but, to analyze what your prospects are hearing from the rest of the market. Your shared audience is looking at their website as well; tracking their website can help you further differentiate yourself from the competition.

By watching your competition’s messaging you can determine if they’ve changed their product strategy or product positioning. You can then decide if you should extend your product offerings or just update your messaging to pursue this new target audience. If you’re watching they can teach you not only best practices, but mistakes to avoid.

Alternatively, you can automate messaging data collection. The Kompyte platform automatically gathers page changes and new insight for you. The Timemachine feature provides a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of changes made to each competitor’s websites. Notice any A/B tests for messaging or calls to action you’d like to try.

Next, take a look at their ads. You can learn copywriting that converts in your industry by reviewing the ads that have come out on top in A/B tests. You may also be able to determine additional focus demographics based on the keywords they choose.


Test & Experiment

Once you’ve collected some ideas, start testing! Make changes to page messaging and sales materials based on the insights you’ve collected. Continue testing iterations until your webpage features standout messaging and your audience is responding.


Calculate the ROI

Keep an eye on your website conversion rate and notice the impact of messaging changes you have made based on your competitor’s insight.

Measure any increase in your sales conversion rate based on changes in your sales pitch.

Finally, calculate the impact at the end of your sales funnel.


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