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Kompyte Enables Go-to-Market Teams to Win More Easily with Launch of Updated, More Powerful CI Platform

Kompyte puts competitive intelligence-driven enablement on autopilot for customers with the next evolution of KPHi platform



Kompyte puts competitive intelligence-driven enablement on autopilot for customers with the next evolution of KPHi platform

 – As companies continue to recover from the economic effects from the global pandemic, many have found their spaces have become much more competitive as the strongest companies have survived and new entrants have crowded the landscape. In 2020 Kompyte, the technology leader in competitive and market intelligence, launched the revolutionary KPHi platform to make enabling Go-to-Market teams with real-time intelligence easier. To further that vision, Kompyte is pleased to launch the next evolution of its platform with the launch of the KPHi 2.0.
Kompyte launched the KPHi platform with one central tenet in mind; to provide a faster, easier, and more comprehensive platform for key enablement for sales and strategy teams. KPHi 2.0 allows customers to fully automate and go deep and broad across digital landscapes to track, collect, curate, analyze, and disseminate actionable competitive insights to stakeholders.
Key benefits of the KPHi 2.0 platform include:

  • Fully automated market research – The next generation of our Artificial Intelligence Engine allows more comprehensive data collection and analysis to provide the most relevant and real-time intelligence of any other solution, with minimal human oversight.
  • Hyper-scalability – Advanced automation and architecture enables ultimate scalability as customer competitive landscapes evolve.
  • “One-Click-away” Intelligence – Newly designed dashboard-based company profile views and user portals allows for complete ease of accessing key competitive insights within one to two clicks. No longer do teams need to search reports or dig deep in the platform for the right intelligence.
  • Unlimited company tracking – New unlimited subscription plan allows for full-feature tracking and analysis for up to 200 companies, with unlimited user licenses and Single-Sign-On (SSO). No more a-la-carte add-ons – full functionality across your entire competitive landscape is included.

Customer-centric innovation is in our DNA at Kompyte,” comments Pere Codina, co-founder and CEO of Kompyte. “Everything we do is centered on empowering our customers to win more easily in their market. To that end, we are excited to launch the next generation of competitive and market intelligence automation and help Marketing teams enable their organizations to drive more effective sales, create stronger product offerings, and establish greater market leadership.
This launch of the CI platform version follows a year of redefined strategy for Kompyte. Focused customer value enhancement and operational efficiency has resulted in the company’s 100% YoY growth and financial profitability amidst the global pandemic. No small feat in the current economic climate. All the while, continuing to innovate and advance the product offering to maximize customer value and fuel aggressive growth for Kompyte.

About Kompyte

Kompyte’s competitive intelligence automation platform is the industry’s only fully AI-driven solution to address the challenges Marketing and Sales professionals face in keeping track of their competitive landscapes and enabling go-to-market teams with real-time intelligence. Kompyte automates the process of tracking across the broadest spectrum of digital channels, diving deep and wide into competitive intelligence gathering and insight delivery to help customers rise above the noise in crowded industries and gain market leadership. Kompyte provides customers the tools to track, compile, analyze, and deliver key, real-time strategic insights to the right teams, thus enabling better messaging, positioning, product development and revenue capture. To learn more visit www.kompyte.com.

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