November 14, 2014

Track Your Competitors In Real-Time

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Live Insights To Compete Smarter In Every Marketing Discipline.

Kompyte for Inbound Marketing


Identify engaging topics, increase leads and drive new sales through data-driven content marketing. Learn more…

Kompyte for Search Engine Marketing


Inspect all competitors’ AdWords & SEO strategies to boost your own search engine marketing. Learn more…

Kompyte for Promotional Marketing


Detect new promotions and receive real-time pricing alerts so you can respond immediately. Learn more…

Kompyte for Product Marketing


Use competitive intelligence to drive innovation and plan your product roadmap on real data. Learn more…

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Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Learn from the competition! Know exactly how they are performing and take action!

Kompyte visits your competitors’ websites, advertisements, social profiles, newsletters, mentions and much more.

You get alerted every time they have a new banner, change prices, launch a new campaign or a new player breaks into the scene.

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Kompyte Blog

4 Indispensable Sources For Tracking Competitors

Competitor intelligence is a critical, but often overlooked, element of building a sustainable global business in the 21st century. However, in order to get the most value and not waste precious resources, you’ll need to develop a system that identifies new...

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