November 14, 2014

Track Your Competitors In Real-Time

Analyze their online strategy in under 10 minutes




Compete Smarter

Competitor detector

Competitor Detector

Find out instantly when new competitors appear with our automated competitor detection system.

Real time tracking

Real Time Tracking

Respond immediately! Breakdown your competitors’ online strategies in under 10 minutes.

Fast and easy analysis

Faster & Easier Analysis

Save time and money with the most comprehensive automated competitor analysis tool available.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Learn from the competition! Know exactly how they are performing and take action!

Kompyte visits your competitors’ websites, advertisements, social profiles, newsletters, mentions and much more.

You get alerted every time they have a new banner, change prices, launch a new campaign or a new player breaks into the scene.

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Kompyte Blog

New Kompyte Product Updates and How To Use Them

It’s a been a busy few months at Kompyte! We’ve been hard at work improving the platform so you can keep an eye on the competition without having to dedicate any more of your precious time, resources or personnel to competitor analysis. With these new Kompyte product...

4 Steps To Catch Your Competition

Do you ever get the feeling your competitors are moving faster than you? Somehow they’re always one step ahead on their digital marketing campaigns and business development efforts. In the digital era, it’s not only natural to look around at what your competitors are...

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