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Stay sharp by tracking the innovation in your industry.

Perfect Your Value Proposition

Receive an alert when your competitors’ discover a new customer segment or change the way they sell their products, features, or services, and customize your value to narrower niches and segments.

Kompyte’s Before & After Time Machine clearly displays every update your competitors’ make to their product pages, such as features, benefits, pricing, or even the tiniest change in their terms & conditions.

Sell the Best Product
At The Right Price

Has your competitor changed their product or service offering? Are they highlighting new features or adding new benefits? Have they changed their pricing model or implemented new terms & conditions?

Kompyte sends you real-time alerts when a competitor changes their product marketing strategy so you’re always one step ahead.

Optimize Your Product Roadmap

Discover early industry trends and identify new opportunities to align your product roadmap and find the perfect moment to launch.

By tracking all of your competitors’ activity, you can understand their priorities and the updates they are planning for their product line. This is market-driven data you can use to optimize your product roadmap and build the products your customers want faster.

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