Competitor Intelligence for Promotional Marketing

Get Real-Time Alerts To Counter Competitor Promotions The Same Day


Losing revenue because of competitors’ promotions? No more!

Detect New Promotions

Automate the surveillance of all your competitors’ online activity and beware of new players. Avoid new threats and identify new opportunities before it’s too late.

Kompyte’s unique Updates panel provides real-time alerts on your competitors’ actions by tracking any change on their websites pages, advertising, social media channels or newsletters.

Promotion Ads - Kompyte
Sharing Competitor Update - Kompyte

Respond Immediately

Protect your revenue from your competitors promotions and campaigns. With real-time alerts, you’re in the best possible position for an effective response on any new scenario.

Kompyte ensures you have the most up-to-date and accurate information at all times and helps you manage your response. Instead of scrambling to find out what happened, you can plan your counter-attack.

Perfectly-timed Campaigns

Track your competitors’ promotional campaigns and sales to discover the most effective strategies and identify the best moment to launch your promotion.

With Kompyte’s deep archive of historical data, you will be able to go back in time and see what your competitors were doing at any specific moment in time.

Promotion Detector Kompyte

Always on. Always Watching.

Find New Competitors

Competitor Detector - Kompyte

Kompyte’s automated competitor detector is constantly searching for new companies using your keywords. If a new player appears, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Anticipate Seasonal Promotions

Black Friday Promotion - Detected by Kompyte

Kompyte detects patterns in your industry’s seasonal and holiday promotions allowing you to anticipate your competitors’ special offers and prepare accordingly.

Track Their E-mail Campaigns

Track e-mail Campaigns

Kompyte anonymously subscribes to and collects each of your competitors’ newsletter campaigns for easy storage and real-time tracking alongside their other KPIs

Let your competitors waste time on what's not working

Try Kompyte free for 14 days and know exactly what the “other guys” are doing.

Competititive Intelligence for Promotional Marketing

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Try Kompyte free for 14 days and know exactly what the “other guys” are doing.