Know Your Competition

Kompyte visits your competitors’ websites, detects any relevant update, then alerts you in real-time.

Stay focused on your own company and let Kompyte keep tabs on the competition.

Monitor your competitors’ website and see everything they do online

Real-Time Pricing Alerts

With Kompyte’s real-time pricing alerts, you’ll be notified instantly when a competitor updates their pricing. Stop stressing over your competitors pricing strategies and let the information come to you!

Homepage & Landing Page Updates

Track the evolution of their conversion strategy and sales funnel as Kompyte alerts you to new updates on key areas like their homepage and landing pages.

New Offers, Discounts and Promotions

One of the most difficult aspects of ecommerce is competitor pricing strategy when new promotions are launched and products go on sale. Let Kompyte take the stress out of tracking your competitors’ pricing strategy.

New Product or Service Features

Receive an instant notification if a key competitor launches a new product or updates their service offering. If they are preparing something new in your industry, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

Track Every Move With Your Competitive Analysis Toolbox

One List To Rule Them All

web competitor tracking - kompyte big list of updates
Welcome to your starting point for competitor analysis. A nice, clean list with every single competitor web update all in one place.

Before & After Time Machine

web competitor tacking - before and after updates - kompyte
Wait, was that there yesterday?” Our Before & After Time Machine function shows you exactly which parts of the website changed and when.

See Their Hidden Updates

web competitor tracking - hidden updates - kompyte
Our Hidden Updates feature let’s you see the changes made to their code, even if it doesn’t visually appear on their website.

Put your competitors' website monitoring on autopilot today!

Try Kompyte free for 14 days and know exactly what the “other guys” are doing.

Want to see what else you can track with Kompyte?

There’s plenty more snooping to be done…

AdWords Tracking

Google AdWords Tracking - Kompyte
Never miss a competitors’ Adwords campaign again. You’ll instantly know when they publish a new campaign and on which keywords they are bidding.

Social Media KPIs

Social Media Competitor Tracking Software - Kompyte

Kompyte automatically tracks the engagement, reach and performance of their social media strategies across all channels and sends you their KPI report card…in real-time.

Real-Time SEO Ranking

web competitor tracking - hidden updates - kompyte

Want to know who’s moving up and down the search engine ladder? Receive instant notifications when a competitor’s organic search ranking changes for each of your keywords.

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