December 7, 2015

Improve Your Search Engine Conversions


Leverage your competitors’ strategies to boost your Search Engine Marketing

Write Ads That Drive Traffic

See every ad your competitors’ are running on search engines in real-time, and use their tests to improve your own AdWords conversion rates.

Kompyte’s Search Tracker alerts you every time your competitors launch a new campaign or change their AdWords strategy – for any keyword, in any country, in any language.

Competitor AdWords Tracking Software

Main Organic Keywords Competitors

Identify The Best Keywords

Reveal your competitor’s keyword research to identify new phrases and long-tail keywords. Kompyte’s keyword suggestion “engine”, shows your competitors’ best performing keywords, for both organic and paid search results.

Our Before & After Time Machine detects every change your competitors make to their websites and landing pages. Not only will you catch pricing and copywriting changes in real-time, but we also expose the hidden updates in their HTML source, title, description, and meta tags.

Optimize Your Landing
Page Conversion Rate

Track every single update on your competitors’ landing pages to understand which structure, copywriting and call-to-actions are most effective with your target audience.

Kompyte’s Before & After Time Machine allows you to track changes in website pages, making it extremely simple to identify which content has been added or removed.

Call To Action Change

See who’s winning the war for your keywords

Discover New Competitors

Competitor Detector

Do you know everyone who’s competing for your same keywords?

By tracking specific keywords, you’ll be alerted every time a new competitor enters your industry or changes their strategy.

Receive SERP Updates

Organic Search Rank Tracking

Be the first to know when one of your competitors reaches Page 1.

Kompyte sends you automated alerts when you or a competitor moves up or down search engine results pages.

Learn New SEO Strategies

Competitor SEO Title Update

Get insights and suggestions to improve your organic keyword ranking.

Track your competitors’ website content, ads, keywords and backlinks to identify what SEO strategies are working in your industry.


Let your competitors waste time on what's not working

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Competititive Intelligence for Search Engine Marketing

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Try Kompyte free for 14 days and know exactly what the “other guys” are doing.