How Cisco uses CI to improve the customer experience across 8+ industries


Cisco Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.


  • Stay in tune with customer expectations
  • Uncover digital opportunities to attract and convert
  • Better prioritize messaging & CRO tests with proven tactics

Cisco is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products, and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunity today.

“Kompyte makes my job easier. I get to spend more time being strategic and piloting digital tests that drive results.”

~Samantha Baker,
Global Industries Marketing


As a technology leader in pretty much all things internet, Cisco does an extraordinary job helping its customers implement change across their digital businesses. To better reach those customers across multiple industries and use cases, their messaging and go to market strategies must keep pace with customer expectations.

Understanding this need, Sam Baker, digital marketer at Cisco, helps her team drive the company’s use of competitive intelligence to make data-driven decisions based on real-time shifts in the market.

“With Kompyte, I am able to provide strategic content and go-to-market recommendations for each team I work with, even though they all have different objectives, goals, and target buyers.”

~Samantha Baker, Global Industries Marketing



Automated market and competitor tracking

In organizations, the size of Cisco with thousands of employees, traditional competitive intelligence initiatives are supported by multiple person teams. However, using Kompyte, Cisco’s digital marketers, and copywriters automate competitor and trend monitoring across the market for 8+ industry divisions. By automating this tedious and time-consuming process of collecting intel across hundreds of web, search, and social media outlets, the team can focus on executing on the insights they gather.


Uncovered opportunities to optimize conversion rates

Through real-time tracking, the Cisco team was able to build a case for piloting new website navigation and industry-specific sub-navigation initiatives aimed at improving customer experience. Using these data points, the team has the authority and priority to test additional navigational, search-based, and personalization capabilities— serving relevant content faster.


“Now that we understand what companies are doing and what works, we don’t have to waste time on what doesn’t work. We’re able to walk alongside our customers and provide a tailored experience proven to increase conversion.”

~Samantha Baker, Global Industries Marketing


Informed content strategies

Another big challenge for the creative team was staying up to date on the language used by their target buyers. With Kompyte’s Inbound and Search Hubs, Sam and her team can focus their content development and editorial calendar around what their buyers are actively engaging with online.

Through testing topics and delivery channels uncovered in Kompyte, they are able to iterate their editorial calendar and improve SEO rankings on topics relevant to their brands. By expanding the kind of topics they build content around, optimizing how that content surfaced, they attract and convert more prospective customers.


“The ability to watch market trends and create reports is a game-changer for us. Instead of being reactive with our content strategy, we can plan to identify gaps and plan more effectively.”

~Samantha Baker, Global Industries Marketing



As a market and industry leader, not only does Cisco drive innovation externally, but it values the change and a rapid iteration methodology internally. Competitive intelligence not only allows them to compete with the direct, indirect, and emerging companies but also improves the customer experience globally. Using Kompyte gives them the foresight to understand trends and make quick decisions to expand their reach and impact.

From everyone at Kompyte, we thank Cisco for helping us drive our vision to help companies reinvent the way they compete. We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“With Kompyte, I can create and deliver reports that are actionable and easy to understand. I don’t need to spend hours aggregating, condensing, and simplifying the information I use to inform my peers. I have quick and easy reporting at the tip of my fingers.”

~Samantha Baker, Global Industries Marketing


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