How leading human capital company improved win rates by 18%


An industry leader Human Capital Management (HCM), specializing in automating functions for recruiting, on-boarding & performance management.


  • Automate competitor research
  • Streamline on-boarding of new sellers
  • Save reps time by centralizing battle cards & sales assets
  • Boost sales win rates

Founded in 2006, this company is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. They are used as a unified solution by thousands of the world’s leading companies across various industries including technology, healthcare, energy, hospitality, nonprofit manufacturing, construction, e-commerce and more. The company serves thousands of global customers, and recently experienced a growth spurt, adding more than fifty new sellers.

“By centralizing our Battle Cards in Salesforce and being able to integrate feedback from the field, our Battle Cards are far more effective. We saw an 18% increase in our win rate after 2 cycles of implementing Kompyte.”

~Director of Sales Enablement


With an increase in competition, a surge in hiring, and an uptick in competitor losses, the company realized the need for a more formal process for competitive intelligence. They began evaluating CI solutions and selected Kompyte in 2017 after vetting 5 different providers. In comparison to these solutions, they were sold on Kompyte’s automated web tracking, ability to distribute battle cards via Salesforce, Chrome, or Slack, as well as the robust reporting options available. Most importantly, they saw high value in the ability to trial Kompyte’s features and functionality during the evaluation process (something the other CI providers did not offer).

“Kompyte not only helps us collect more intelligence faster, but ensures that all our sellers have equal access to the information they need to overcome objections and close more competitive deals.”

~Director Sales Enablement




The implementation was quick and easy. They were able to track their competitors’ digital footprints in a matter of hours once their Kompyte account went live. During their consultancies, they worked with a Customer Success Manager to map out their desired battle cards and train sales reps on the various paths for accessing battle cards and for submitting feedback and intel. It was important for them to have multiple categorized versions of battle cards, including competitor factsheets, product comparisons, and question-based battle cards.

“By centralizing our Battle Cards in Salesforce our sellers can find the latest intel at a click of a button. They can also add feedback or intel they gained. It also serves as a great leave behind after on-boarding and training, our sellers are far more knowledgeable about competitors now.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning



In such a crowded market with numerous direct competitors and emerging competitors, monitoring their rivals’ online presence and updating battle cards would be a full time job. Kompyte streamlined these processes, among many others.

Prior to Kompyte, battle cards were updated at most once a year. Now, battle cards are living documents updated frequently by blending insights detected from Kompyte’s webstream and personal knowledge contributed by the sellers themselves. And, adoption is nearly 100% since the battle cards are available to sellers in Salesforce or a Chrome browser.

“Customers are investing in HCM solutions based on new features and value. Since implementing Kompyte, our sellers have insight into our competitor’s current offering and our key differentiators.”

~Director Sales Enablement



Before Kompyte, they lacked accurate, actionable competitor intel, putting them at a disadvantage. Kompyte’s powerful web tracking allows them to keep a better pulse on the competition and onboard new sellers faster. They also have insight into the most active reps, which Battle Cards are used most frequently and the latest feedback from the field. They have been able to ramp up new sellers quicker, and their win rate has increased by 18% within the first year of using Kompyte.

“When we started we had zero visibility into whether competitive intelligence produced was even being used. Now we have a direct correlation between competitors on each opportunity and the intelligence the seller used to convince the buyer to move forward.”

~Director Sales Enablement



We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our own differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“We’ve had a great experience working with customer success at Kompyte. We’ve implemented several recommendations they made to great result.”

~Director Sales Enablement


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