How an iconic shoe brand keeps their messaging aligned to their audience


West coast shoe and sportswear distributor.



  • Identify trends in the marketplace
  • Generate relevant content and messaging for target demographic
  • Efficiently distribute ad and social media copy to various internal groups

Established in the late-60’s, this shoe and lifestyle brand has remained relevant through the decades by staying in tune with its youthful, active demographic. The company distributes its shoes and activewear internationally via its own website and specialty apparel retailers.

“It’s critical for us to stay on top of trends, both in fashion and in how our consumers communicate. Real time competitive and market intelligence is a life saver.”

~Director, Digital Marketing


At an iconic lifestyle brand, the Director of Digital Marketing was tasked with monitoring trends with young consumers and delivering effective messaging to the various digital marketers with the go to market team. It was important that branding and positioning were consistent across all channels. Since these internal teams work independently from one another, often times work was duplicated between disciplines and messaging became fragmented. With so many moving parts, it was crucial for the team to have a centralized workspace in which to gather and collaborate on insights from their competitors and to benchmark against their own performance.

“Kompyte makes managing information from multiple data sources a breeze. My team and I can quickly share insights with each other and act on them. We’re always in sync with our audience.

~Team Lead, Brand Messaging



Collecting intel

Prior to using Kompyte, the Digital Marketing team ran into a number of issues with both consistency of messaging as well as timeliness in execution due to having bottlenecks in information distribution. Instead of working back and forth with the media teams to identify trends, the process was automated by Kompyte, saving research time across all teams by 80%.

“We used to have a lot of back and forth with our social and SEO teams, trying to stay on top of trends and respond accordingly. Now from Kompyte, I can see what our competitors are doing and how well we resonate in certain channels.”

~Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


Organizing intelligence

As an all-in-one solution, Kompyte allows teams to collaborate on competitive intelligence and distribute findings through a number of integrations and a robust reporting suite. No longer did the team have to rely on multiple systems to share information with their stakeholders.

“The reports provided are beautiful and so easy to customize. I’m able to prepare for weekly strategy sessions in a matter of minutes, where it used to take at least a couple of hours tracking down everyone’s contributions.”

~Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


Acting on the intelligence

By keeping a finger on the pulse of its young, savvy consumers, the shoe brand has been able to quickly tailor its messaging in social media and paid campaigns to resonate with their target demographic. With Kompyte they established a process whereby each team identifies the core KPIs they are trying to influence and they circle back monthly to review the results of each messaging theme they took to market.

“Our engagement is way up since the digital team started using Kompyte.”

~Senior Manager, Digital Marketing



We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our own differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to do things. Not only is the tool incredibly useful our customer success manager has been great about helping us get the most out of the information we’re collecting. We’re saving time in addition to improving the quality of our messaging. It’s a win-win.”

~Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


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