From enablement to competitive edge: How a brand protection leader increased sales win rate


A privately held global leader in the brand protection space offering an integrated suite of brand protection solutions.


  • Reduce time spent manually creating and maintaining battle cards.
  • Integrate competitive resources directly with platforms reps use regularly.
  • Streamline feedback collection from the field reps
  • Improve competitive win rate and increase revenue.

Established in the early 2000s, this enterprise provides online brand protection to some of the world’s largest businesses. Their software enables users to detect, investigate, and respond to threats quickly. They have over 500 customers globally, with headquarters in the United States and offices in numerous domestic and international locations.

Kompyte makes my job easier. Not only are our battle cards more effective, but our sales teams’ content usage has reduced individual requests by 90%.”

~ Director of Sales Enablement


Understanding and detecting threats is what we do for our customers. Helping them be proactive in protecting the brands they’ve worked so hard to create. Before Kompyte, they only had the bandwidth to update battle cards annually. However, they understood that important information at the right time makes all the difference. Using the sales enablement and web tracking hubs, the team was aiming to be more proactive with our sales enablement practices and to win more deals in a competitive landscape.


Shifting from enabling to action using automation

 A common challenge the sales enablement team faced were numerous individual requests for updated competitor information. Before Kompyte, their Tier 1 competitor battle cards were updated yearly because the activity was time and resource-intensive.
The enablement and ops team lacked the bandwidth to keep battle cards up-to-date outside of their traditional cycle.

By automating the collection of competitors intel, they were able to track three times as many competitors and update their battle cards more frequently. Allowing them to reallocate time to launch additional competitive enablement initiatives. The team was also able to reduce the turnaround time on competitor requests by 90%.


Streamlining sales enablement content delivery

 With more than 50 sales reps across multiple products and industries, delivering content to the right teams when they needed it was a common challenge. The majority of available time and resources were spent on the manual collection and analysis of competitive content. By automating the collection, their sales enablement was able to direct time into a long-awaited and highly anticipated competitive content delivery initiative. The company worked with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to build out a fully customized product Battle Card specific to each of its brand protection products with detailed product feature matrices.

Distribution of those battle cards came in the form of platform integrations with their current CRM and Sales Enablement platforms, Salesforce, and Highspot. Kompyte allows their team to use the tools they’re accustomed to and reduce the time to use of individual battle cards in sales deals. Thus, building trust between sales, marketing, and sales enablement.

Once those battle cards were in place, the platform allowed customizable alerts to be configured based on a competitor product, pricing, or customer page updates to streamline the upkeep of competitor battle cards.


Improving the sales training processes

 Training sales teams is a critical part of the enablement process, but it’s one that must be continuous and ever-evolving. Their team was able to partner with sales managers to train reps on the various paths for accessing battle cards, providing critical feedback, and contribute intel using the Kompyte extension. Every sales rep now has quick access to centralized, current, and trusted battle cards from tools they use daily through desktop or mobile access.

Through the training process, they reduced the number of one-off requests. It is resulting in a holistic competitive enablement program that delivers the same valuable information to all sales teams right when they need it. Sales reps now have an easy way to collaborate on battle cards and even contribute CI. While the sales enablement team now has full version history for Battle Cards and security around Battle Card creation and editing. With this level of ownership, battle card usage increase by 73% and improved their competitive deal close rate by 26% within three months of implementation.

“Sales training can be difficult when there’s a lack of trust between teams. With Kompyte, we don’t just provide training resources but work with sales leadership to develop competitive enablement programs that result in more deals.”

~ Director of Sales Enablement

Optimizing sales analysis and reporting systems

Once strategic competitive enablement tools were put in place, the team was able to report on the performance of content and on-going training programs for continuous improvement. More specifically, Kompyte’s sale enablement hub allowed the team to create automated sales analytics reports to track overall battle card usage, which sales reps used available content, and which competitors they competed with the most.

This type of reporting gave the sales enablement team insight into what gaps existed and how objections from competitors were being handled – thus helping to continuously inform the sales managers in their coaching and training efforts.

“By equipping sales teams with the competitive intel needed to go head-to-head in a timely fashion, they want to share direct feedback about competitors that you wouldn’t hear unless you’re in the customer calls.”

~Director of Sales Enablement



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