How a global internet security company identifies market trends to increase competitive win rates


Global internet security software company.



  • Streamline collection and analysis of competitive intelligence.
  • Pinpoint new industry concepts, themes, and topics to incorporate into their strategy.
  • Capitalize on industry gaps and competitor weaknesses to increase win rate.

As a leading-edge internet security software company, they provide advanced solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments. Their unique software enables users to keep their personal and professional data private through threat detection and prevention.

“Like our users, it’s important for us to stay on top of emerging trends in the security software space. With Kompyte, we’re able to collect data from disparate data sources, act quickly to adjust to market trends, and increase sales.”

~ Sr Manager, Global Product Marketing


As a highly competitive internet security software company in a rapidly evolving world, identifying market trends and threats is what they do. Their marketing team needs to be able to uncover themes, identify content and keyword gaps quickly; then capitalize on those actionable insights. Using Kompyte, their team has been able to spot trends, market opportunities, and increase sales win rate by 37%.

“We save over 15 hours a week using Kompyte to automate competitive intelligence research. The Inbound and Listening Hubs have allowed us to spot and act on market trends saving us time and money.”

~Sr Manage, Global Product Marketing



Automated manual intelligence collection

Staying up on trends meant the team was spending time manually digging through competitors websites, blogs, social channels, and news publications. The marketing team struggled to keep up with all the changes in their market across channels and competitors. Before Kompyte, their group spent 15-20 a week on research and competitor analysis. With a competitive analytics tool, they can redistribute those hours towards more strategic initiatives.

“Kompyte allows us to spend our time being strategic with planning and test more ideas faster. We rely heavily on the AI/ML-powered insights of our competitors, rather than spending time manually looking for information we need to stay relevant.”

~Sr Manager, Global Product Marketing


Improved execution on marketing strategies

Marketing teams are always working to improve the ratio of time and money spent on marketing initiatives. One of the industry-leading security companies is no different. By using Kompyte, the team was able to discover trending topics and incorporate intelligence insights around low cost and high CTR impact keywords directly to their SEO and PPC campaigns. Thus, allowing their marketing budget to go further.

“Our team saw monetary gains quickly after rolling out Kompyte. Within weeks we were able to see what market trends were developing and take action – resulting in budget savings”

~Sr Manager, Global Product Marketing


Increased competitive win rates

Listening to the market and relaying relevant information between sales, marketing, and product teams, impacts the product roadmap and customer acquisition. In the past, their marketing and product teams lacked a way to communicate competitive intelligence effectively with sales. With Kompyte, their team was able to listen to the market, highlight customer requests, identify critical product gaps, implement changes in the product, and update sales assets. The additional features and messaging empowered their salespeople to speak more intelligently in competitive deals and improve win rate.

The flow of competitive intelligence between sales and marketing teams should be simple. Kompyte allows users to share insights, gain alignment, prioritize actions, and focus on initiatives and product features that matter to prospective buyers.

“With the Kompyte battle cards, sellers have access to the most up to date materials. These battle cards allow them to respond to questions, RFPs, and handle even the most challenging sales calls quickly – without questioning if the information is accurate.”

~Sr Manager, Global Product Marketing



Kompyte is proud to help this global internet security drive the next generation of intelligent competition in their organization. We’ve enabled their teams to shift focus from collecting competitive intel to driving results in product development, marketing strategy, and sales win-rates.
We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our own differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“We need to understand where we stand in our industry and what we can do to differentiate ourselves. Kompyte allows us to not only know where we stand but how we can gain a competitive advantage.”

~Sr Manager, Global Product Marketing


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