How a leading Home Decor Retailer stays relevant in a dynamic market


Largest specialty retailer in the home decor & do-it-yourself space.


  • Streamline research into competitive pricing & promotions
  • Simplify proposal and approval process with 150+ suppliers
  • Increase the speed of campaign execution

The largest retailer of its kind in the US catering to home decorators. Serving its customers via online channels as well as brick and mortar outlets, this US-based retailer supplies home decor, floral and seasonal items to the do-it-yourself decorator.

“We work in a highly dynamic market, we monitor 10 main competitors and 150 different suppliers. We needed a better way to capture and act on our competitors’ product lines and promotions.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning


At a leading Home Decor Retailer, the director of brand advocates was challenged to stay on top of seasonal, and competitive trends at the speed of their market. They were spending entirely too much time researching and by the time they rolled out changes to their promotional calendar, they were already behind their competitors’ next move. They evaluated several different competitive and market intelligence companies and ultimately selected Kompyte for two reasons. First was the ability to detect competitors’ changes as they happened; and, second is that the platform enables anyone within the organization to dig deeper on specific competitors, landing pages, pricing and promotions without any “managed service” after initial on-boarding.

“Kompyte provides a granular detail on our competitor’s products, promotions, and pricing we need so we can focus on executing better price matching and counter promotions.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning



Collecting intel

With Kompyte, the Home Decor Retailer, was able to detect promotions that their full time market research specialist was missing when manually auditing. Additionally, with the time saved by eliminating all of the manual work, the role of their research specialist evolved to more of an analyst, allowing them to prioritize their efforts more effectively.

“We had a dedicated analyst doing nothing but collecting intel all week long — by the time we got the intel and were ready to present it to the supplier it was too late, our competitors were on to something else.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning


Presenting intelligence

Before Kompyte, the Home Decor Retailer found it difficult to keep an ever-expansive set of presentations up to date for each supplier. Using Kompyte they were able to centralize all of their competitive data and use templates to streamline their collaboration with suppliers.

“Kompyte allows us to easily curate and distribute with templates that can be used over and over again. Thanks to our success coach we took a 10 day process down to 2 days.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning


Acting on the intelligence

After the Home Decor Retailer gained approval to match or beat competitors pricing, or extend promotional periods, it was critical they acted fast. The intel they collected and presented was then condensed to promotional guidelines and timeframes. These guidelines were then distributed to all regional stores to make the necessary changes and that all are aware of the latest promotional emails, direct mail, and digital advertisements.

“With Kompyte we saw an immediate impact to our promo code usage and even improved sales in previously under-performing markets.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning



We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our own differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“We’ve had a great experience working with customer success at Kompyte. Our manager is extremely knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure we have the templates we need and we’re getting the most out of our subscription.”

~Senior Director, Merchandise Planning


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