Award-winning game developer tracks competitor hiring trends & growth


An award-winning video game developer


  • Discover new trending topics.
  • Increase share of voice for social media.
  • Identify top thought leaders and influencers in their space.
  • Improve visibility of competitors’ hiring plans.

An award-winning game developer in Europe best known for producing a leading action game franchise. The company is best known for creating games that challenge conventions and push boundaries. They employ over 200 people across their offices.

“In a highly competitive industry, having a competitive advantage is the difference between being award-winning and just another video game.”

~Senior Product Marketing Manager


This international video game development company has changed the industry landscape, but even as a leader, they struggle to track their competitors. Exhausted with the amount of time and energy needed to manually collect competitor data and struggling to balance reporting and taking action, they turned to Kompyte.

Initially, the team wanted to track competitor changes in content and compare it against their own, with the goal that they gain insight into how they could improve their content quality. They quickly learned that with the Kompyte Listening Hub, they could also track competitor hiring activities.

Before Kompyte, their team manually followed competitor’s websites, job postings, social channels, and set up Google alerts. Without a central repository, competitor insights were kept in a variety of disconnected systems, making it difficult to track changes, share ideas, and collaborate internally.


Increased content production and quality

Before Kompyte, the team spent at least a day a week sifting through social posts and monitoring engagement rates on their content. Spending valuable resources on research took away from their ability to quickly pull insights and create quality content for their audiences. With Kompyte, they went from publishing one piece of new content each week to publishing three new articles by being able to identify top trending topics quickly.

Kompyte provides their team with automatic alerts for high engaging social and blog posts. These insights are then automatically pushed to their internal Marketing Trello board where their team can vet and develop content for their audiences.

“Prior to Kompyte, I’d spend hours manually extracting social media data to create a quarterly OKR growth report. Kompyte automated the OKR reporting process allowing us to run it more frequently and catch trends and optimize quicker.”

~ Senior Product Marketing Manager


Grew social influence through automated listening analysis

Kompyte’s Multi Social and Twitter analysis report allows them to measure their growth easily and automate a previously time-consuming OKR report. They used the Listening Hub to monitor market trends, identify influencers, and measure their volume of mentions across Twitter and the web compared to the competition.

Their team was able to discover and collaborate with new thought leaders in their space. These new collaborations allowed them to connect and build trust with their target market, leading to new opportunities. Consequently, their share of voice improved, and their community of followers increased on their target social channel – Twitter.

“We have a small team managing numerous jobs and responsibilities. Kompyte is a great time saver and enabled us to consolidate applications and stay informed of our competitors’ moves, new and engaging topics, and identify influencers in our space.”

~ Senior Product Marketing manager


Expanded use of automated competitor tracking

Creatively, their team was interested in expanding the use of Kompyte into watching the hiring trends of their top competitors. Kompyte’s saved filters, alerts, and recent job postings feed on from LinkedIn provide them with critical insights on what positions their competitors are hiring for and help them identify surges in hiring activity. They’re able to predict when their competitors are ramping up sales initiatives, expanding their global presence, or growing their team of developers in a specific area of the business. Their team now has a better understanding of their competitors’ hiring scenarios and save 5+ hours a week by automating the tracking process.

“With Kompyte, we know more about what is happening in our industry, in our region, which competitors are hiring and how much they are offering, helping us stay current on trends and align our recruiting efforts.”

~ Senior Product Marketing Manager



Each of these challenges forced them to spend hours manually gathering data and scheduling time to update the team and outline how they would respond. This inefficient process took away valuable time from other essential duties. They chose Kompyte because of its ease of use, intuitive interface, and the flexibility of being able to add components in the future as their CI needs evolve. Although they evaluated a handful of solutions, other vendors did not seem as feature-rich nor want to want to support their region given the time difference.

We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our differentiation and value to the market. Everything we do and every product we create is for our customers. Unlike alternative solutions that lack flexibility in products and services, we work with companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries to ensure they’re reaching their competitive intelligence goals. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

“Kompyters have become an invaluable extension of our team. We can always count on them to provide quality insights, help advise, and implement product changes based on our feedback.”

~Strategic Marketing Manager


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